Best Fencing Options for Your Property

metal fence
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Fences serve as protective barriers against intruders, animals, and other hazards that could breach restricted areas of one’s property. They could be perimeter fences, garden fences, privacy fences, or other fences that partially or fully obstruct one’s view or restrict access.

Just like building materials, not all materials used for fences are the same with each option having its good and bad points. Here, we will discuss the various fencing materials and their respective advantages for your consideration:

Wrought iron

There is no shortage of an eye-popping wrought iron fence in Beverly Hills and nearby locations across California – in private residences, resorts, and other types of properties. Wrought iron as a fencing material benefits for its outstanding durability and the limitless design possibilities that a skilled artisan can achieve with the material. It is also preferred by property owners who want the highest level of protection possible, plus considerably low maintenance and pest-resistant features.

Accordingly, some companies in California specialize in crafting custom wrought iron gates for property owners, so you should easily find one if you opted for this type. You only have to communicate your desired design and other specifications, and the craftsman could translate it for you with a personalized wrought iron gate.


Many property owners prefer aluminum because of its rust-resistant property, as well as low maintenance benefits. Aluminum fencing is also often considered as a great substitute for wrought iron, which is more expensive, albeit more aesthetically superior and sturdier. When compared with vinyl fencing, an aluminum fence with significant thickness can be more durable. When your budget permits, choose powder-coated aluminum, as it is more hard-wearing than painted aluminum.


Of course, who doesn’t fall in love with the sheer simplicity and subdued beauty of wood fences? Countless property owners favor wood as a fencing material since it is the cheapest and most accessible option. It is also eco-friendly, versatile, and a durable choice with a proper application of sealants. Wood fences can last up to ten years or even longer with the right preventive maintenance.


white vinyl fence

As a fencing material, vinyl offers speed of installation since some manufacturers offer kits that are easy to assemble. You can install a vinyl fence within a few minutes so that you don’t have to pay for a professional to have it installed in your property.

Chain link

It’s one of the most ubiquitous types of fences used in many parts of the state for good reasons. When it comes to providing a level of security, chain link fences rank way up in the ladder along with wrought iron fences.

That is because chain link fences are relatively sturdy like wrought iron and offer a great vantage point for the property owner since intruders can be easily seen through the barrier. It is one great deterrent to trespassers who plan to commit burglary or other crimes.

You can choose from any of these fencing materials that best fit your budget, security standards, and privacy needs. Then, contact your local supplier or fence manufacturer to have one custom-built or installed in your property.

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