What Makes Contemporary Design Distinct?

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A homeowner’s preferences on their home design may change over time. They may have first favored the unfinished look of an industrial or rustic design. Some get attracted to the luxurious vibe of the Hollywood Glam design.

Some factors such as having a child or getting old may make some people rethink their home design. One very versatile type is the contemporary style. This home design carries a sense of fluidity. This is because it follows current trends in architecture. Thus, one’s home can stay up-to-date about what is stylish at the moment. Also, its clean features make it friendly to any age group. Here are some key elements if you want to reinvent your home and give it a contemporary look.

An Abundance of Light

The contemporary design embraces light as one of its key features. First, this style focuses on having as much natural light as it can get inside your house interior. Are you thinking of remodeling your home to fit the contemporary style? Consider replacing the windows. Window walls and skylights allow a great deal of sunlight to stream through your home. Surrounding your home with natural light makes the rooms seem more open. Also, having natural light can have a positive impact on your mood and productivity.

Aside from natural light, you have to be strategic about other sources of light, as well. Think of ambient, accent, and task lights. Contemporary design leans more on recessed lighting, track lighting, or wall-mounted fixtures. Pendant lights are among the choices in a contemporary home.

Minimalist Style

One thrust of contemporary design is to make a room feel uncluttered. This is not to say that this style produces a barren space. Rather, it focuses on a combination of function and form. Each piece that you would put in a room that has a contemporary design should be well-thought of. It is not enough that it is functional or aesthetic, it should be both.

Contemporary design also favors neutral colors such as white, black, or beige. These colors are not heavy to look at. Bright colors serve as accents to the room only. Adding textures to the room also brings life to it, albeit in the absence of too many colors.

Flat Roof

Another element of a contemporary home is the preference for a flat roof over a pitched one. Flat roofs are minimalist in design. It also costs less than its sloped counterpart. Flat roofs carry with them few purposes aside from their aesthetic appeal.

Flat roofs are more accessible. Thus, you can use the space as a mini-garden or as an extra outdoor living space. You can have a grand panoramic view of the landscape surrounding your home.

Flat roofs also make it easier to extend architecture outdoors. Thus, you would have better covered outdoor spaces. You would enjoy spending more time outside without worrying about weather elements.

A Mix of Materials

Contemporary design does not thrive in one material alone. This unconventional approach aligns with the goal of contemporary design to stay relevant. Thus, a mixture of different materials had been acceptable for this style.

A contemporary home can boast of a variety of materials such as wood, stone, metal, and concrete. The key is to maintain sustainability because it is a design that transcends time. A mixture of materials gives an air of sophistication to this design. Creating the right balance also adds a layer of texture. Imagine having raw bricks for the walls. Then, pair them off with sleek surfaces by using glass materials. The result is a combination that leaves a pleasing effect on those who look at it.

Flowing Layout

Open spaces are inherent to contemporary design. Homeowners who pick this style want to see a sense of unity in their rooms. As such, they do not find the need for interior walls. The living room flows well into the kitchen or dining area for easy entertaining and bonding. Open-floor plans also give more potential for extra function with the spaces.

Also, there is a fusion between the indoors and the outdoors. The outdoor living spaces flow without much effort from the interior space. This design encourages people to spend more time outdoors.

Contemporary design has an edge against other designs because it offers flexibility. Its elements stay true to what is current in the architectural world as “of the moment.” People who favor this style are more open to change, self-expression, and experimentation. They are not boxed in a rigid home design where they have to erase all elements in case they changed their minds.

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