Creating the Perfect Man Cave: Modern Touches You Can Add

foosball coffee table
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A man cave can come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless if it’s built inside your garage, a secret passageway, or basement—this is every man’s haven. It gives men the freedom to express their ‘true’ selves, let loose, and enjoy their favorite hobbies and other activities privately. The benefits of these rooms are endless.

However, before you build your man cave from scratch or spruce up your existing one, make sure to include the following modern features that every man cave needs.

Slot Machines

Whether you’re into gambling or not, having a slot machine in a man cave is a great way to pass the time. Even if you don’t win ‘real’ money on a home slot machine, it gives you hundreds of games to choose from, making your man cave more fun and interactive. However, before you invest in a slot machine or two, check your floors for any damages, and if it does, you can use a sealer to repair your floors, you can even amp it up with epoxy coating. After all, you wouldn’t want the floors to suddenly cave in from the heavy slot machines.


No man cave is complete without a television. After all, most men create man caves to have their very own room to host Sunday football or other sporting events that only happen every year. That’s why if you’re looking to create the ultimate man cave, you’ll need to invest in a large TV to complete the whole picture. Plus, even if sports aren’t your thing, a TV gives you a chance to watch movies with your family and friends or watch your favorite TV series alone.

guy watching tv

Man Cave Bar and Fridge

A significant purpose of man caves is preventing you from walking upstairs or across the hall to get you and the boys a cold one. That’s why to avoid this task—you’ll need to have a man cave bar and refrigerator. Not only these modern features will be useful when your friends come over, but it’s also perfect for family gatherings and parties that you’re planning to host in your man cave.

If you’re limited in space, a refrigerator is enough to provide you and your guests with cold beverages. However, if space and budget aren’t a problem, a man cave bar is ideal.

Foosball Coffee Table

If you’re limited on space in your man cave, consolidating some of your favorite furniture is ideal. A great example of this is investing in a modern foosball coffee table that gives you the convenience of both man cave necessities in one piece, making it a fantastic centerpiece in your man cave.


What’s a bar without cocktails? That’s why to complete your man cave bar and make it more authentic, investing in a SpiritStation is ideal. It’s a modern device that gives you a unique way of dispensing spirits and batch cocktails conveniently, perfect for any drinking occasion. The gadget has three customizable pour size choices, including taste, shot, and double. All in all, this luxurious addition can make any man cave more valuable and fun.

Walk-in Beer Cooler and Kegerator

Kegerators are machines used to dispense draft beer but are slowly becoming more popular for wine, cold brew coffees, and kombuchas with slight modifications from their original design. The device lets you enjoy an authentic bar experience at home for much less when heading out to the local pub or bar with your friends—giving you high-quality beers, making your man cave complete.

However, if you and your friends are looking to enjoy the classic ‘cold ones’ or canned or bottled beers, having a beer cooler is crucial. The good news is, you can have both the kegerator and beer cooler by investing in a walk-in beer cooler and kegerator from Brew Cave, allowing you to hold over 30 cases of beer and four kegs.

Seven Hugs Smart Remote

This convenient gadget is great to have, especially when you often lose your remotes. That’s because the smart remote from software developer ‘seven hugs’ is a universal remote that can control nearly everything, ranging from thermostats to televisions. Plus, it can let you order an Uber, making it an ultimate must-have for any modern man cave.

It’s more likely that the only room in your home where you have complete design control and personal space is the man cave, and if you have the chance to build one or spruce up your existing one, take advantage of the moment to make it unique. Add as many features as possible, including the modern features mentioned, to bring your man cave to the next level.

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