Living Like the Jetsons, Bathroom Edition

modern bathroom design
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The world is far behind the prediction of Back to the Future. Until now, there’s no mass-produced Hoverboard. No one can travel back in time.

However, it is much likely closer to that of Star Trek as the earth seems to prepare itself to colonize Mars. Billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos had blasted themselves into space, clearly indicating that space tourism is just around the corner.

If there’s one thing the planet is close to, it’s the age of The Jetsons. The cartoon show might have been set in 2062, but the technology the family used is already here. There’s the robot helper that can already tend to restaurants and robot vacuum cleaners that can already clean the house at a predetermined time.

Then there are now bathrooms that feel like space age — this is the bathroom of the future.

Here’s What a Futuristic bathroom Will Look Like

What goes into a future-feel bathroom? Here’s probably what one can expect:

1. Smart Mirror

A person steps into a bathroom via a sliding door, preferably automatic or responsive to voice command. Sliding doors are likely to be better options these days. The population has increased, and land becomes a prime commodity. Spaces at home have become smaller.

Then he stands in the mirror, booting himself until he feels ready to start the day. But first, he needs updates. He no longer checks on his phone. Instead, he presses the screen right in front of him. It connects him to his emails and contacts, so he can already video call his colleagues, team (if he’s the boss), or loved ones.

He then proceeds to check on the weather and traffic situation. He also downloads meditative sounds while he’s at it because everybody deserves a more peaceful morning.

2. Sustainable Toilet

Before he dips into the tub or takes a quick shower, he goes into the toilet. He wants to relieve himself. Now, this “throne” may appear conventional at first glance, but one has to wait until the man flushes.

One of the most efficient bathroom supplies today is the dual-flush system. It contains two buttons that help control the amount of water released by the tank, allowing the homeowner to save both water and bill.

By how much? The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests it could be 4,000 gallons a year.

The toilet is also bidet-equipped or ready, a fixture the Japanese have been familiar with for decades. It can be programmable to help clean the genitalia, saving the man more money. He can cut his spending and use of toilet paper by at least 75 percent.

man taking a shower

3. Hi-Tech Shower

He’s done with the bathroom. He’s ready to take a bath before he heads to work. Here, he doesn’t need to turn on any knobs of the shower.

Instead, he sees a screen. He can set his preferred temperature, water pressure, shower duration, and water flow rate. He can also save these details, so he can reduce his shower time. If he’s too busy to do anything, he can activate everything with voice commands.

Underneath his shower can be two capsules that work as filtration systems. They collect big wastes like hair and microscopic ones so that his entire shower set can use the same water over and over until the filters need replacing.

While he’s here, he commands his Bluetooth speaker to play his favorite Spotify playlist. He also turns on the lights of the shower, which can change colors depending on the temperature.

4. Smart Weighing Scale

He’s done. Feeling refreshed, he plans to take his cup of coffee, which has been brewing ever since he woke up. As soon as his alarm sounded, the coffeemaker then gets into work automatically. He’s eager to drink his first cup of the day, but before that, he drops by the weighing scale.

He steps on it and sees his weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index (BMI). These data go straight to his fitness app, which he shares with his general practitioner (GP).

He’s not obsessed with weight, but he also wants to keep himself healthy. After all, even in the future, the saying that health is wealth remains true.

Lastly, before he steps out of the bathroom, he takes one final look at the mirror. He sees no other email—good. Now, he can proceed with his other to-dos.

It may sound like a story straight out of The Jetsons cartoon, but it’s not. The future is already here, especially since the right technology like home automation and smart systems are available to support the developments of these bath supplies. It won’t be long before more homes have them.

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