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Many people said planning for a wedding fails in comparison to planning for marriage. Yet, both milestones are important. You want to create great memories on your wedding day, and you also want to create greater memories of your marriage. And for young couples the most common denomination for both is money.

You want to be financially prepared to pull off a good wedding event, but you need to be more prepared for a lifelong marriage. There are bills to pay after the wedding day, but there will be bills to pay forever. So the difference between the wedding day and years of marriage is that extravagant spending is ok during your wedding. But wise spending is very important during your marriage.  

One of the first decisions a married couple will ever make is where to live. This one needs a lot of thought process and communication as it includes so many options. Do you rent or do you buy, big house or small, one-story or 2 stories, and the list goes on and on.

Here’s an option that should be good for a start but something you may also  :

Buying a house and owning a property could be very intimidating so many of our young couples would choose to rent. Not that renting is bad, but having your own property gives a sense of fulfillment and security. But because of financial reasons, purchasing your own property takes a back seat and stays on your “bucket list”. But what if there is another way of buying your own house on a reasonable and affordable budget?  

To make your dream home a reality buying a tiny house could be the answer. Imagine having a budget of only $60,000 and becoming a homeowner? That was unimaginable many years ago. But with the emergence of the Tiny House movement owning your own property has become a possibility.  

Here are three reasons going tiny can be one of your best decisions:  

#1: Financial Freedom

The process of buying a home can be very intimidating as we hear people spend millions of money to have one. So they play it safe and choose to rent an apartment. Not a bad decision but it comes with a monthly obligation. And paying rent together with other expenses may cause unwanted stress if you do not keep up with the budget.  

By purchasing a tiny home you free up your budget of monthly expenses and your young marriage of potential stress. Home mortgage loans are also a good way to go about it as it is also practical to get some help and advice on being a new homeowner. By doing this, you and your spouse can plan ahead for other expenses, while the money you save by not having to pay rent can go to the bank or other investments.  

#2: Unity

Finding a spouse is a blessing in itself. But by being “one” with your spouse comes with a challenge that can be your own personal adventure. And by staying together inside a 400 square foot tiny space you are not only physically closer to each other but it requires you to communicate as well. And this will serve as the open door for the new husband and wife to get to know each other better.  

Even basic household chores like cleaning, maintenance, and repairs will only be a breeze. With less stuff, smaller furniture, and a tiny space, daily chores will not be time and energy-consuming compared to doing it in a 2,000 square foot large house. It is also a bonus that you can do those things together. And without even trying your relationship gets stronger as you grow closer together every day.  

#3: Explore The Outdoors

There are many ways to make a tiny house look bigger and wider than it looks. If you have a 350 square foot space it is best to buy a house with a very high ceiling. Glass windows may also serve as your indoor daylight. Then wise use of the vertical walls for your storage needs, and smaller furniture then you can have enough floor space for your movements.  

But, you can have a bigger house if you will welcome the outdoors as a part of your tiny home. If you have a tiny house on wheels, simply drive to the beach and you and your wife will have the luxury of relaxing on a sandy seashore. You can also set up a table for two, light up a candle, and pop up a wine. They serve grilled steak and mashed potatoes, and you have a romantic dinner date under the stars in the sky. The possibilities are endless and exciting.  

Tiny houses are the next big thing. Something that couples can consider, explore and learn while they prepare for that big wedding day. After all, marriage is a lifetime of commitment. And staying in a tiny house will be a big part of your forever relationship.

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