Which Businesses With The Highest Risk For Injuries

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If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you must be aware of the potential risks of injuries at your workplace. After all, no one wants to deal with the hassle and expense of a workers’ compensation claim. So here’s a compiled list of the most high-risk businesses to help you identify which companies are more likely to cause injuries. Keep reading to see if your business made the cut.


Working in a restaurant can be a dangerous proposition. There are sharp knives, hot ovens, slippery floors, and more potential hazards than you can shake a stick at. According to data, restaurants are ranked three in industries with nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses. Waitstaff, cooks, and dishwashers are particularly vulnerable to injury due to the fast-paced nature of restaurant work.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep accidents low in your restaurant. First, ensure you’re aware of the potential hazards in your business. Next, keep hazardous materials out of reach and away from customers. Finally, use common sense when dealing with dangerous equipment like ovens, knives, etc. In addition to keeping your employees safe, these practices will also help reduce injuries for customers.


Manufacturing is another high-risk industry due to the heavy machinery involved. Employees working on assembly lines or operating forklifts or other industrial equipment are at risk for severe injuries if they’re not careful. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing jobs have an injury and illness rate nearly double that of all private industries combined. One of the best ways to reduce accidents in your manufacturing business is through automation.

Automation is using machines or software to do the work of humans. This can reduce or eliminate the risk of human error, a leading cause of manufacturing accidents. Additionally, you’ll need to provide safety training for your workers on how to use the automated equipment and avoid hazards like slipping and tripping on slick floors.

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Working in healthcare comes with a unique set of risks. From exposure to dangerous chemicals and pathogens to lifting patients out of bed, there are plenty of opportunities for injury. For example, healthcare workers have some of the highest musculoskeletal disorders rates due to their job’s physical nature. Additionally, they can be exposed to certain things like viruses.

During the pandemic, health workers are exposed to the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, this means they’re at a higher risk of getting sick and exposing their families, who may not understand the risks involved. To avoid this situation, healthcare workers should take proper precautions when contacting a patient’s blood or other fluids containing the virus. They should also limit their exposure by washing their hands frequently, using protective equipment like gloves, and avoiding close contact with patients.


Working in transportation comes with a unique set of risks because employees must spend long hours on their feet or behind the wheel. This can lead to fatigue which increases the risk of accidents. Additionally, transportation workers are often exposed to inclement weather, which can lead to accidents. It’s also the industry that has the highest statistic when it comes to traumatic brain injuries. It’s estimated that 7.5% of all traumatic brain injuries in the United States yearly are from transportation accidents.

To reduce the risk of accidents, transportation companies should consider scheduling breaks for their workers to ensure they’re not fatigued and can operate safely. Additionally, employers must ensure that they have the necessary lawyer for these accidents. A reputable brain injury lawyer can help if a worker is injured in a vehicle accident or another transportation incident. They can help file for claims and settle with insurance companies for the best possible outcome.


Construction is one of the most dangerous occupations due to the combination of heavy machinery and the potential heights employees must work at daily. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction workers have some of the highest rates of fatal occupational injuries. Common causes of construction site accidents include falling from scaffolding or being struck by falling objects such as tools or building materials.

There are ways to reduce the risk of construction accidents. First, employers should ensure that their workers are adequately trained on safe work practices and have access to safety equipment like harnesses and helmets. Additionally, employers should encourage a safety culture by holding regular meetings with workers to discuss workplace hazards and incorporate preventative measures into daily operations.

Regardless of your industry, there are steps you can take to reduce accidents and keep your employees safe at work. You can significantly reduce workplace injury risk by focusing on education, automation, and other safety measures. In addition to safety measures, you must invest in good health insurance for your workers. This will help them cover medical treatment costs if they get injured in the workplace.

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