Living Large in Small Spaces: Knowing the City Life

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Many people flock to the city, and there are countless obvious reasons why. The most important one is convenience. Accessibility to hospitals, groceries, 24-hour convenience stores, and prestigious schools are only a few.

As a result, the city becomes dense, and rentals are at their premium. If you live in a one-bedroom apartment rental, you are considered luckier than those living in apartment studios. Yet, despite the limited space, many still choose to live in urban areas.

Let’s delve deeper into why so many people and businesses choose the big city.

Jobs and Businesses

According to the University of Michigan, it is predicted that by 2050, 89 percent of Americans will live in urban areas. At present, New York is the densest city in the US, with around 8.4 million inhabitants.

The top reason people move to New York is the availability of job opportunities. If you want to work for the media or a Broadway show, New York is the city to go to. It’s the same for other cities across the United States and the globe. People move to the city for the simple reason that they will earn and fulfill their dreams there.

Businesses also prefer establishing their companies in the big city. It’s only common sense — where people go, business follows. The city is where their market is; here, there are more chances that businesses can reach their target consumers.

Another reason why businesses build their organization in the city is the access to public transportation. Having a great public transportation system nearby is good for both businessmen and their employees. Workers need to spend less when going to work, while business owners can enjoy accessibility to airports should they require international or local travel for business deals.

Should a business require professional help from an accountant or a lawyer, being in the city is much more strategic. Lawyers, in particular, have different specializations. In small towns, it may be much harder to find a specific lawyer for your business needs. The chances of finding an investor for your business may also be better when you are in an urban area.


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Living in the city offers you a unique lifestyle you will never experience when living in a rural area. It’s loud and crazy; many things are happening at a fast pace; some people appreciate its beauty.

Since there are many people in the city, it is sure to be a melting pot of culture. Take Singapore as an example. It is essentially a big city with a diverse set of individuals with different cultural backgrounds. The result is a fantastic array of food that you cannot taste anywhere else.

Amsterdam, on the other hand, is a very open city with a unique culture. Some may experience culture shock, but some relish the experience in this city that you will never get to have in other parts of the world.

Living in the city also offers a great possibility of meeting new friends and a romantic partner. Social butterflies particularly love living in urban areas rather than staying in rural places.

Ideal vs. Practical

There are a lot of reasons that make city living attractive, but the truth is, most people only prefer living there out of practicality. According to The Washington Post, most Americans will choose to live in rural areas in an ideal life. Yet the same reasons mentioned above are also the reasons why where people want to live is different from where they really live.

People would prefer to live a peaceful life in the suburbs, yet, to survive, it is a reality of life that you need money. To earn, you need to work; most jobs are in the city. As more people go to the city, though, entrepreneurs are attracted to establish more businesses there. It’s an endless loop.

Establishing a business in rural areas may be too risky and may require more capital than they need in the city. They may also see a longer time for investment returns when owning a business located in a rural area.

Also, public transportation is a necessity for easier living. In rural areas, you have to drive your own car and spend hours to access a grocery store. This may not be ideal during emergencies, especially those that concern health. Imagine living on an island and requiring a doctor for a woman who’s about to give birth; chances are, she’ll give birth on a boat.

Living in an idyllic place may be romantic, but it cannot be denied that city living is way easier.

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