Tips on Looking Professional for Female Real Estate Agents

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As a female real estate agent, you know it is essential to always look professional. This means polished and well-dressed, with your hair and makeup done perfectly. It can be challenging to do this when you’re hurrying from one appointment to the next every day. But with these tips, you’ll be able to put your best foot forward no matter how busy you are. You’ll be out of the house looking perfect in minutes.

On-the-Go Hair

Avoid hairstyles that require you to do a lot of work. Instead, get a haircut that is low maintenance and ready to go any time.

If you prefer short hair, get a tousled look that still looks business-like. Invest in various professional-looking ponytailers and clips that hold your hair up in a bun if you have long hair.

Prepped Skin

If you have severe skin problems that need treatment, such as acne, go to the dermatologist to have it controlled. Get instructions on the products you must use so you do not worsen the problem.

The trick for your skin to always be ready in the morning is to wash it thoroughly when you get home from work. Remove all traces of makeup.

At night, put on a face mask meant for your skin type. This will address any skin issues you may have. For instance, if you have dry skin, use a moisturizing mask and if you have oily skin, use an oil-control mask. That way, your skin looks its best when you wake up.

In the morning, cleanse your face again and put on a tinted sunscreen that also matches your skin type. This will serve as your foundation while protecting your skin from the sun. Choose one with the highest SPF you can find. Add some color to your cheeks. If you have dry skin, use a cream blush. Use a powder blush if your skin is oily.

On Fleek Eyebrows

If your eyebrows are done, you immediately look polished and professional. Doing your eyebrows can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in the morning, though. The more you hurry, the more you make mistakes. It’s frustrating.

If you have a decent amount of eyebrow hair, get a professional eyebrow tint. This will dye your eyebrow hairs, making them look fuller. Your technician will also shape your eyebrows. This will for three to five weeks before you need a touch-up.

If you have sparse eyebrow hair, you can get microblading with microshading. This aesthetic tattoo method lasts from one to three years. Individual eyebrow hairs are drawn in to add to your existing hairs. Gradated shading is added. Your eyebrows will look on fleek all the time.

Ready Eyelashes

You do not need eye shadows or eyeliner if your eyelashes are full. Curling your lashes and adding mascara in the morning eats up a lot of time. Also, mascara can create smudges during the day, ruining your look.

If you already have long lashes, you can get a lash lift and lash tinting from your blow out salon. That means curling your lashes and tinting them. If your lashes are sparse and short, eyelash extensions are better for you. These are made of mink hair and are glued to the base of your eyelashes.

You only need touch-ups every two weeks. Don’t forget to tell the technician that you want a professional look. That is vastly different from a dramatic look. You won’t want to go overboard.

Female real estate agent dressed for work

Lip Color

You can also ditch your lipstick and not have to reapply all day. Lip blushing can give you permanent lip color that lasts up to a year. You can choose the shade you want. The technician can even mix a custom shade for you.

All-Matching Wardrobe

Finally, do away with standing in front of your clothes trying on one after another, deciding what to wear. The secret is to remove all items that do not fit you well from your wardrobe. Only retain those that are your staples and that make you feel confident when you have them on.

Using these as your baseline, add items that work with all of them. All the items you add should fit you well, make you feel great, and match any other item in the set.

If you work five days a week, you should have five pairs of pants, five skirts, five tops, and five jackets or blazers. If you want, you can throw in some dresses. All of them must work with each other. All the dresses must work with all the jackets or blazers.

Add three shoes that look professional but are comfortable enough to stand and walk in all day. They should also match all the items in your wardrobe. With these, you can pick out anything even with your eyes closed and look perfectly put together. You’ll also always feel spiffy.

Ready to Get That Deal in Minutes

If you want to look professional when selling real estate, but still get out of the door fast every morning, follow these tips for a polished appearance. From your wardrobe to your hair, skin, eyebrows, eyelashes, and lips, these tips will help you look your best all day long. The best thing is that you don’t need to put much effort into them and you can reserve all your time and energy for closing every deal.

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