Six Ways to Make Your Spare Office Room More Useful

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An extra office room can be an asset to your company’s productivity. Still, it can also be an obstacle if you’re not using it properly. A spare office room can be a great asset, just as long as you don’t let it go to waste. A little motivation can go a long way toward turning this otherwise dead space into something more valuable.

Any business that has an office space has to be conscious of its size and needs, especially when it comes to using the space you’re not using all the time. If you have an empty room that you’re paying for but aren’t using, then there are ways you can optimize it to bring in more revenue.

In this article, you’ll learn six ways to make your spare office room more functional. These tips will show you how to make the most of what you already have, from guest space to meeting rooms.

1. Maximize Your Wall Space

If you have an extra room in your office, you might be considering renting it out. But before you do, consider how much more use you can get out of it by turning it into a space where employees can be productive. Think about painting one wall whiteboard or chalkboard material. Afterward, buy an inexpensive projector that can hang from ceiling hooks and shine a light on that surface.

You’ll now have a spot for group brainstorming, project planning, and even holding impromptu training sessions. Or why not install removable panels on some walls? You can still paint those quickly enough, and these movable panels will allow you to reconfigure your workspace as needed. It’s like having multiple rooms at no extra cost.

2. Get Creative with Shelving

Rather than leave that unused office space barren, invest in shelving units to make it worthwhile. There are plenty of ways you can put these shelves to use; you can host a little reading nook by filling them with novels, board games, and other entertainment.

You can also install bookcases or sliding drawers to create extra storage for your office equipment, like file folders or supplies. The point is that you can fill all those empty corners with practical solutions for organizing and storing your office’s items.

3. Add Lighting

office lighting

Offices need proper lighting. Suppose you’re considering doing any work in your spare office room. In that case, it’s a good idea to have lots of light around you—whether it be natural light from windows or well-placed overhead lights. This way, your mind is not distracted by a lack of brightness, and you can focus on work.

If you have a desk with limited space for writing instruments and notes, having ample light can make your work easier. The bright sunlight isn’t always suitable for reading documents. However, overhead lighting or lamps can make the difference between frustration and ease when navigating the paperwork.

4. Try Portable Furniture Options

Instead of leaving unused space open, invest in some lightweight, portable furniture that quickly moves around. This can create a makeshift office, den, or music room. Even if you’re only planning on moving it occasionally, you’ll still get good use out of it when needed. It also provides flexibility in letting other people work from home when required.

5. Add Technology Tools

A spare office room that’s not in use is a waste of space. But with technology, you can turn your office into an effective work environment for your employees to collaborate on projects in person. High-tech tools include video conferencing systems and collaborative software, which allow employees to work on projects in real-time from different locations. Use these products to boost employee productivity and provide flexible workspaces when demand dictates it.

6. Change the Walls and Floors

You can change the walls and floors in your spare office room in several ways. Paint them bright and bold, which can make your office look bigger. You can also add some carpeting and install wall-to-wall bookcases. Another way is by installing mirrors on one of your walls. Mirrors are great for giving your office more depth and making it look bigger.

One way to uplift the unused room is to change its floors. Maybe switch to laminated or carpeted floors for a more formal look. Contact flooring contractors to make the change more accessible, faster, and more affordable. They can also recommend other floor options.

Using these tips, you should make your spare room a great addition to the office. Your productivity and work environment will surely benefit if you follow these steps. Take time in your schedule today and set up a plan for each of these steps. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

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