Office Burglary Prevention: 4 Upgrades to Protect Your Business

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The pandemic had many businesses move to the more convenient digital space of the internet. Most business operations and transactions have become contactless and require little to no physical interaction between all the parties involved.  But now that the world is starting to open up once again, many businesses are reopening their physical locations to resume their services from before the spread of the coronavirus.

With employees’ return to offices and stores, criminal activity can threaten the business space as it did before. Break-ins and thefts were already a problem when the pandemic started due to how quickly entrepreneurs had to shut down their facilities, leaving their locations only partially or entirely unprotected from unwanted entry. But these are predicted to continue increasing even now that offices are seeing business activities once more. Here are some ways to keep your company’s place of business safe from intruders.

Access Control System

Access control systems are fully automated systems that can manage the kind of people that can and cannot enter your building. These systems use personal information, access cards, number codes, and even biometric fingerprints to identify people and assess whether they are allowed in the space at any given time. Not only does it help with the security of your business but also with the management of your employees and customers due to how it records the people who enter and leave your building in a log. It can also make business more efficient as it can eliminate the need for keys that require some time to open doors and are easily lost. Wholesale hardware companies like Banner Solutions and other enterprises specializing in electronic security offer access control systems.

security camera

Surveillance, Alarm, and Lighting System

Surveillance systems are the most common security systems that can be used by every kind of business in any industry. Surveillance equipment like closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras can provide businesses with live audio and video of certain parts of their offices so that owners can monitor not just the progress of their employees but also the probable violations that can hurt your business in any way possible. Having this footage stored in the cloud can also be of use in the future when certain cases require evidence of an event taking place at a specific time. An alarm should also help to deter intruders. Along with motion sensors, the alarm can stop criminals in the act and immediately alert authorities that burglary is happening in your business. These will prompt an immediate response from the police and prevent further loss and damage to your properties.

A good surveillance system should be accompanied by a lighting system that will make every action visible to the cameras. Placing lights in storefronts and dark corners where trespassers can enter the building at night can also discourage criminal activities as they can easily be identified if they proceed with their plans. Motion detectors can be employed for these lighting systems if keeping the lights on through the night is a concern for the owners.

Heavy-duty Safes

Making use of heavy-duty safes for valuable business belongings should be a staple for businesses. Safes can be placed in a variety of places like in closet spaces or embedded into walls and floors. Knowing the right place to keep a safe should be the main concern when planning to have one installed in the building. The security of the safe should also be considered as fireproof safes are viewed as durable but only for fires and not burglary operations.

Cyber Awareness

Lastly, cyber awareness must be taught to all employees as your systems can be infiltrated by criminals through unsafe digital practices. Cyberattacks increased during the onset of the pandemic. Businesses everywhere are being targeted and invaded by attackers and sustained significant financial losses in just a short period. Knowing how to protect yourself against these threats should be done alongside the mentioned tips on securing your physical place of business.

Securing the workplace does not stop with these steps. Continuous learning about the potential threats to your business should help you find ways to protect your finances against them. Educating your employees should also be a priority as their uninformed actions can be used by intruders to reach their goal of taking the fruits of your labor. With all of these, you should be less worried about the security of your properties. You can then focus more on your primary operations of providing the best products and services to your valued customers.

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