Retail Marketing: How to Increase Foot Traffic to Your Store

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Even prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, brick and mortar retail stores have been experiencing a decline in popularity. The convenience offered by plenty of eCommerce platforms, notably Amazon, caused this significant negative impact.

Nonetheless, there are still a number of advantages of physical retail stores over online ones. Consumers would still prefer to see and touch the items they would want to buy. Furthermore, the majority of online shoppers hate having to wait to receive the products.

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, plenty of brick and mortar stores suffered. Notable big retailers have filed for bankruptcy amid the pandemic. But despite that, there are still a number of physical retail stores that are trying to withstand the current harsh economy.

If you are a retail business having trouble attracting more customers to your brick and mortar store, then consider these tips:

Omni-Channel Retail Strategy

Nowadays, people want everything to be fast and convenient. Even with shopping, consumers prefer to shop from stores that allow them to shop across multiple channels. Usually, consumers would come across your product on an SNS and they prefer to finish the transaction on your business website.

A multi-channel shopping strategy allows consumers to have a seamless shopping experience. Take heed from Sephora. This big name in beauty retail adopted an omnichannel strategy. Customers who are shopping in-store can go on their mobile app and check on previous purchases and product reviews.

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Optimize Your Website

The majority of millennial and gen Z consumers usually discover small businesses through an online search. Younger buyers would rather hop on their computer or mobile phones first than walk down the main street to find the product that they are looking for. Online research is more convenient after all.

With this in mind, consider investing in optimizing your website for local searches. On your Google My Business place, make sure you have the accurate information provided. Also, make sure your business website is easily navigable and is mobile-friendly since most consumers do their search using mobile phones.

Increase Curb Appeal

Around eight percent of consumers find out more about a store by setting foot in. To boost this percentage, increasing your retail store’s curb appeal is a must. Just as online shoppers would not want to make a purchase from a hard-to-navigate website, customers would not want to enter an ugly and dingy store.

Consider hiring a commercial landscaping contractor to make the front of your store more appealing with flowers and well-kept greenery. Make sure as well you have adequate signage to make it easier for customers to locate your store. Artfully place on your window display the products that you sell too.

Create a Lounge Space

The majority of global consumers heavily rely on recommendations from friends and family than through any other advertising. Considering this, make your business more recommendable by creating a lounge space for your customers and guests. Your store is more than just a space to display your products.

Create an inviting lounge at a corner of your physical store. Invest in some good quality and comfortable sofa or couch. Add free wifi, and you could even serve free coffee or any cold beverage. Even non-shoppers would be dragged to your store, eventually enticing them to make a purchase.

Lastly, nothing is more attractive to customers than a good in-store experience. Your employees are your greatest asset so train them to provide excellent customer service to both repeat and new customers. Apart from that, nurture them by providing appreciation and incentives for their hard work.

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