Starting Fresh And Sustainable In Your New Home

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Here you are, all ready to move into your new home. All your bags are packed and prepared for carrying, the open transport vehicle service has just picked up the car, and all that’s left now is to take one memorable trip to your brand new house. So let us be the first to congratulate you on your moving day.

However, just because it’s time to welcome a new chapter in your life with this home, we also want to remind you that you’re not out of the running yet. And often, people tend to forget one crucial aspect needed in homes today: sustainability.

Why Homes Need To Be Sustainable

Ah yes, you’ve probably heard the calling for sustainability in all of its forms, from corporate social responsibility, greater involvement in the community, and the growing necessity of caring for our environment. And while it may seem repetitive, we can assure you that caring for our environment and striving for cleaner practices will always be of top priority.

Since you have the luxury of starting a new, we strongly encourage you to begin this new adventure on the right track by equipping your home with sustainable features to make it more eco-friendly. And, to help you with that endeavor, we’ve listed some DIY projects you can do now.

glass piggy bank with a tiny grass house inside

#1 Home Solar Panel System

The first DIY project you can do to make your house more sustainable and eco-friendly is installing a home solar panel system. And yes, we know it may sound like a very technical job that requires only the hands of a professional, but solar panel systems are becoming easier and more accessible. Sure, you could argue that they come at a price premium and can be expensive for some, but the benefits far outweigh the shortcomings, which secure its rank as number one.

The Benefits:

Apart from the obvious benefits of using cleaner and a renewable energy source, there are more evident benefits you can get from installing a home solar panel system for your new house.

  • Energy Savings: Electricity bills are a recurring expense you can never avoid. However, when you introduce a home solar panel system into your home, it can help you save a lot on energy and cut back on expenses. Plus, after the first couple of months, you can quickly get back the initial investment and technically be receiving free electricity.
  • Low Maintenance: While home solar panel systems may seem like the hallmark of technology blending with sustainability, they don’t really require a lot of technical knowledge to maintain. Once it’s installed, there isn’t much else you need to do, making it more manageable on your part to use.

#2 Rainwater Collection System

Second on our list is a rainwater collection system, an excellent DIY project that helps the environment and doesn’t cost a lot. As the name suggests, you’ll be harvesting rainwater that runs off your roof and into a tank for later use. And yes, we know it doesn’t sound like the most exciting DIY project, but we need to acknowledge that homes tend to expense a lot of water wastefully.

The Benefits:

Apart from its eco-friendly nature, a rainwater collection system also has its distinct advantages and can provide you with more benefits. And beyond reduced flooding and soil erosion, there’s much waiting with rainwater harvesting.

  • Conserves Water: It’s easy to rack up water usage, from cleaning around the house to washing your car, there’s no end to it, and you usually end up using more than you expect. However, rainwater harvesting helps you cut back and conserve water. You won’t have to use the tap because you’ll have a reservoir ready for action.
  • Easy to Install: Compared to a home solar panel system, a rainwater collection system is much easier to install, and the parts are readily available at affordable prices. You won’t need to go all out on spending, and you still get to reap the benefits of savings.

#3 Investing in a Garden

Last but not least, if your new home has an expansive backyard and a lot of space to work with, why not consider investing in a garden of veggies? Sure, it may appear as a niche only for those who enjoy growing their own food, but trust when we say that it’s worth it. Not only will it makes your house look more appealing, but it also makes it very self-sufficient in the long run.

The Benefits:

Yes, we all know that growing and nurturing a garden back at home will help clean the air and make your house environment feel more welcoming. But there are more practical advantages to gardening as well.

  • Healthy Food Options: Number one, veggies are good for your body, and growing them in your backyard gives you immediate access to healthy food options. Helping you cut back on grocery shopping expenses and even aid in your nutrition.
  • Practice Your Green Thumb: Gardening is a great hobby to get into and offers an opportunity to relax and reset the mind from a long day. So, investing in your garden helps develop your green thumb.

A Sustainable Future

New homes are great, but as we continue to move forward into the future, the significance of sustainability and adopting eco-friendly practices also increase. To start making a change now, do your part in creating a sustainable home for a sustainable future.

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