Unique Methods of Searching for Home Properties

aerial view of neighborhood
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Buying a home used to be just a process of going through multiple listings. But with the addition of the internet, people are starting to get more creative in how they search for homes. Since most people would only afford to buy one home in their entire lives, they want something that checks all the items in their criteria.

Searching through a generic list of properties isn’t the only way you can go about it. Make property browsing fun by using unconventional methods to look at them. If you want some ideas, here are some unique ways you can find the perfect home.

Use aerial view

Sometimes, the frontal view doesn’t tell the full story of the house. Looking at it from the sides doesn’t really give a full idea of the shape of the house or the land’s size. After all, a property is not just the land and the house. It is also its neighbors and community. This is why it’s great to view the home from a new perspective, and the best way to do that is to use the aerial imagery.

Statistics say that people are 68 percent more likely to buy a property with aerial viewing. Looking at it from a different angle may change your entire perspective on the property. Some may look simple and small on the outside, but it could look more spacious when seen from above.

top down view of neighborhood

If the yard and land space are important for you, then you can hire someone with a commercial pilot certification to help you check out the property. Some realtors may not have aerial imagery available, but you can ask if you can do your own viewing.

Check out genealogy

Nowadays, there are a lot of people that are taking an interest in their ancestors and past. They use various methods to track down their family tree, and many of them have discovered that they come from interesting families. People who take pride in their ancestry and search for a home property through genealogy can use this method.

If you are curious about your ancestors and their origins, the first thing to do is gather all kinds of information, whether from your elders’ items or stories. When done using actual DNA tests, there is a fair amount of accuracy, experts say. However, those with foreign blood may not get the full picture of their story.

In some cases, you may be able to acquire the names of your ancestors. With this, you can actually check to see if they have owned any property or land during their time. There are a few homes that actually remain standing. They may not always be vacant, but maybe living in the same neighborhood as your ancestors may seem appealing to you.

Look at historical sites

Are you the kind of person that loves history? One way you can look at home properties with interesting stories behind them. They could be a potential historical site or was home to a momentous moment in the community. It would be a great story to tell guests and future children that your home was actually a place for something important centuries ago.

Most real estates don’t really list or even take into consideration the history of the land. You can try asking the realtor what they know about the property, but some may not have ancestors. However, some specifically market the community as one with a rich background and origin. There are also tools to help you discover the property history of a certain location. It may take a bit of work since they would likely have to go through old documents.

Find foreclosed properties

One underrated way of searching for a home while on a budget is looking through bank-foreclosed properties. People rarely consider this option, but it is actually a good way of securing a decent home for a low price. These properties are roughly 37 percent cheaper than homes of similar size and quality.

The main reason why these properties are so cheap is that the banks consider them as distressed assets. That means they want to sell it as soon as possible and collect their money, even if it means selling it below market value.

Just one thing that you need to remember about foreclosed properties is that they tend to be sold as-is. Whatever state the house was in when it was taken, that is how you will buy them. Most of the time, the lenders rarely make any improvements or maintenance on them. Fortunately, the ones owned by banks tend to be in much better conditions.

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