Upgrades You Need to Improve Your Auto Shop’s Performance

man opening hood of a car for repair
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The largest room in the world, they say, is the room for progress. When it comes to expanding your business, it’s sometimes necessary to seek ways that improve what you do and how you do it.

You can’t just sit around and wait for customers to come in if you own an auto repair or maintenance shop. You must constantly endeavor to attract new clients and encourage existing ones to return. Having the correct technology in place is critical for continued shop development if you want to grow any of these metrics.

If you want your auto repair businesses to survive and thrive in 2022 and beyond you must start taking actions now to prepare your shops and employees for a future that will be significantly different due to new and transformative trends.

That is why it is required to purchase more technologically advanced tools, machinery, and equipment. Here is a list of all auto repair equipment you will need to upgrade your auto repair shop:

1. Welding Without Worry
man with ppe welding a fabricated metal sheet

A fully automated spot welding method relieves the technician of the burden. During welding, this system recognizes which arms and electrodes are being used and changes the current level, weld time, and clamp pressure on the fly.

With this welding system, it is easier to fix today’s automobiles, which are made of a variety of high-strength steel and other heavy materials.

2. Convertible Creeper

The majority of creepers are hard, flat, unpadded boards with tiny wheels that get stuck in garage floor crevices. This isn’t it! In today’s market, we have a creeper that is both comfortable and convertible.

Pull the release pin and lift one end to create a roll-around seat that’s just right for working around wheels. The creeper slides easily over trash and cracks thanks to extra-thick padding and extra-large 3-in. soft polyurethane wheels.

Because it’s a few inches higher off the ground than other creepers, you’ll need to raise the vehicle a few inches higher. However, the convenience is worth it. For heavy-duty mechanics, the heavy-duty frame is rated for up to 450 lbs.

3. Floor Jacks

Having a proper flooring jack is usually a good idea. You can elevate a single edge of a vehicle instead of a whole vehicle, which is very useful if you’re looking for a tire slit or a beat in the suspension originating from one side of your car or truck.

Jacks are designed to assist you in quickly raising your vehicle; however, be sure to follow safe operating procedures.

Not only must you construct your vehicle on level ground, but using Jack Stands and wheel chocks to keep the lorry in good working order is also an important element of safety training.

4. Continual Riveting Gun

Riveting is a great way to bring two different metals together. The importance of this process in collision repair will only rise as long as the automakers will increasingly combine steel and aluminum in new car construction.

What is it about a rivet gun that makes it so cool? Consistency is something we value. Go with a pneumatic-hydraulic design that pushes even the last rivet with the same force and speed as the first.

Although a battery-operated rivet gun is also a good option, its power can run out during the repair.

5. Get the Car Lifted

Crawling about underneath a car or truck, no matter how much you adore wrenching on them, is no fun– which is why professional mechanics use lifts.

Modern car lifts are built to be simple to use, safe, and pleasant for your specialists to repair and service vehicles. Car hoists can be deadly if not operated properly. So, setting up a two-post vehicle lift system in your garage is essential.

6. Blast Off Seized Bolts

The trick to removing tough rusted seized bolts is this tool and a can of rust penetrant. Insert the driving tool and a socket and wrench into your air hammer.

The driver applies the hits to the center of the bolt head as you pull the trigger, destroying the rusty accumulation. You’ll release the bolt or nut in no time if you turn the wrench and socket during the impacts.

There you have it; these types of innovative car repair tools can help your shop run more efficiently and keep specialists motivated to come to work. It’s not always the technology that makes a tool cool; sometimes it’s the simplicity. Once you have set up all your new tools, it is also important to remember that regular cleaning is very vital for your equipment’s longer life.

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