Why You Should Schedule Asphalt Paving During Summer

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Road roller working on the new road

Asphalt paving is common in both residential and commercial properties. It is among the most practical and cost-effective methods for maintenance and driveway repairs. If you need to install asphalt paving or seal coating an already existing pavement, summer is the best time to engage in the project. Weather plays an integral role in completing and scheduling seal coating projects.

You should schedule asphalt sealing or paving installation projects in the summer months. If you schedule asphalt installation during the autumn or winter, the rains and the cold could delay your plans and the completion of the project. 

If you want your asphalt driveways to last, you could use seal coating every four years. This coating gives your pavement a protective layer that prevents the elements and the harsh weather from affecting it.  Here is why summer is the most suitable time for asphalt sealing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Hotter overall weather

You may not like the heat and warm temperatures in the summer months, but it is ideal for asphalt paving and sealing. The asphalt needs time to cure after it has been laid and smoothed down. Driveway sealers cure better during the sunny and warm conditions of the summer months. The snow and rain of autumn and winter slow down the curing process. Also, the warmer air temperatures in summer aid in maintaining a stable temperature of the asphalt mixture.

Longer potential working hours

Besides the warm temperatures in the summer, there are more day hours than night hours. As such, the asphalt paving contractor has more work hours than in winter months. Since the asphalt sealing contractors have more time to complete the paving job, the project will be completed in a shorter time. It also reduces inconvenience on your part.


The longer days of the summer months make it easier for asphalt paving contractors to group multiple jobs in a day. If you have several asphalt driveways, parking lots and blacktop that you want to seal at the same time, summer is the best time for that. The contractor you hire groups the projects in fewer days because of the longer days in the summer months, which saves you money.

Preparing for winter

The other great reason you should engage in asphalt sealing or paving in the summer is that you prepare the driveways and parking lots for the winter. Also, if you have an asphalt driveway or parking lot that needs replacing or repair, leaving it unattended through the winter months causes more significant damage. As the temperatures go down and the rainfall makes the air humid, your asphalt paving task could be more difficult than if you do it during summer.

Better seal coating

Team of workers making and constructing asphalt road construction with steamroller
Asphalt paving during the summer months allows the seal coating to dry out before the winter hits. As such, the sealing becomes more durable than before. The seal coating also hardens more when there is less humidity. 

Summer is the best time for many construction projects, especially for asphalt sealing projects.  Call an asphalt paver and schedule your pavement repair before winter sets in. However, don’t repair, replace, or seal coat your asphalt driveway without the help of a professional.

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