Elevate Your Home Security: How Can You Achieve It?

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Utah has always been one of the safer states in the nation. Before 2020, crime declined, but the pandemic, lockdowns, and economic troubles sent property crime surging by 20 percent. Most Utahns feel safe in their homes, and property crimes are among the least of their concerns. Of course, compared to the rest of the nation, even Utah’s riskier cities like South Salt Lake, Logan, and Provo have relatively low crime. Criminals take advantage of this false sense of security, targeting homes with little to no security measures. Fortunately, simple security measures are enough to deter most criminals.

1. Get Better Locks

You won’t get robbed if the robbers can’t get inside your house. A sturdy lock is often enough to discourage most break-ins. Of course, a strong lock is useless with a flimsy door. Opt for a reinforced door or at least a solid one. Add a few bolts, and nobody would be kicking their way into your home. Ensure to keep your doors and windows locked as robbers will take advantage of any opening.

2. Secure Your Garage

A good number of break-ins in Utah involve garages. Criminals are more likely to target a garage than the main house, especially if the garage doors are old or show signs of damage. Tools are easy to fence, and a nice car can be taken down for parts if not sold off-state. There’s also a lower chance of encountering an armed resident, making garages a safer place to burgle. Make sure to have the garage doors repaired at the slightest signs of problems.

3. Catch Crooks on Camera

More Utahns worry about package theft compared to actual break-ins. Unfortunately, packages left outside your door don’t benefit from any of your home’s security features. While you can do very little to prevent thieves from taking your packages, a few well-placed security cameras can make them think twice about targeting your home. Make sure the cameras are working and visible. Smarter thieves will move on to the next target, and dumber ones will expose their identities if they try to take your stuff. Pair them with motion-detecting lights to keep your house safe during the night.

4. Sound the Alarm

Flashing lights and blaring sounds can send would-be thieves panicking away from your home. The ruckus will also pull the attention of your neighbors to your home, increasing the number of witnesses and calls to law enforcement. A proper security system should cover your home’s doors and windows and account for thieves breaking glass. Keep your alarms properly armed, and try to keep your system’s security keypad concealed from people outside. Note where you place your mirrors, as they might reveal if your system is armed or down.

5. Get Some Help from Neighbors


Neighborhood watches are extremely effective in preventing and limiting criminality. A vigilant community will deter break-ins or acts of vandalism, and a single friendly neighbor can alert authorities if they notice something suspicious. Join or start a local neighborhood watch or be on friendly terms with your neighbors. Your home’s security cameras have limited range and can be thwarted if criminals cover up before entering their range. However, if partnered with the security cameras of your neighbors, you can get more coverage and expose the perpetrators.

6. Don’t Advertise to Robbers

Most homeowners unknowingly give criminals the motive they need to rob a house. Packaging left at the curb exposes all your new purchases and your ability to buy them. Some criminals also take to social media, especially if your account is public. Posting vacation pictures on-site will alert them that nobody is home and your property is ripe for the picking. Try to keep your packages in bags or take them out when the garbage truck is a few minutes away. Keep your vacation photos private, or at least post them after you’ve returned.

7. Get a House-sitter

Never leave your home unattended for extended periods. Robbers will notice bills piling up on your doorstep or mailbox, and a few hours of scouting will reveal inactivity in your home. If you need to leave your house for more than a couple of days, have a friend or relative over to attend to the house. Just choose who you leave your keys with, or you might stumble on an unscheduled house party.

Criminals are always looking for an easy target. Don’t let your home be one. A simple break-in can escalate to violence and put the lives of your family at risk. Protect your family, property, and possessions by elevating your home’s security. Make your home a bastion of safety with measures to discourage and stop criminals from entering.

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