Top 2020 Home Design Trends That You Should Try

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When the pandemic started, the world was thrown into a hiatus. The economy slowed down, schools stopped, and activities were put on hold. While the leaders of the world tried to decipher and learn more about its invisible enemy, people had to stay at home.

Work at home became the norm. People started setting up home offices. Schools also adopted remote learning to keep the students safe and protected from the virus.

With families staying at home for prolonged periods than they would usually do, the need for space and a comfortable home became apparent. Those who discovered the joys of remote working also found out that they can still maintain their income even if they moved to a much quieter life in the suburbs.

These, and among many other factors, increased the demand for new houses for sale. Who would have thought that the pandemic would create a surge in demand for new houses that the supply cannot keep up?

If you have bought a new home, congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than finally having your dream home. Now, you may want to personalise its interior and make it your own. Here are some interior trends that you may want to try for your new 2020 home.

  • Natural Accents

Get in touch with Mother Nature by using different natural elements in your interiors. Incorporate natural materials into your interior design. Use pieces of furniture made from natural materials such as rattan, reclaimed wood, teak, and seagrass. Other natural materials that you may use include marble, brass, and other stones.

  • Sustainable Materials

The world is slowly becoming aware of the woes of Mother Nature. More and more people are choosing sustainable materials that help reduce their wastes and carbon footprint. Designers are becoming aware of their influence in choosing ecological materials for their designs. Reducing the need for extracting raw materials to create new products is a thing of the past. Recycled and reused materials can help reduce waste and help preserve the Earth’s limited resources.

  • Floral Walls

You do not need to stick it out with plain boring walls. Liven it up a little with floral wallpaper. Floral wallpaper can give your room an instant wow factor. The vibrant blooms on your wall will instantly give life to any room. You can have it in your living room, kitchen, and your bedroom.

You can also use floral prints in your rugs. Complement the florals with lace table cloths or runners. Some even employ floral prints on wicker chairs. This design style is usually referred to as the modern granny chic or the grandmillennial trend.

  • Use of Biophilic Design

modern livingroom with plants

A biophilic design uses nature’s elements to create a healthier environment in an otherwise very modern home. It uses natural light, fresh air, natural materials, and houseplants. A biophilic home is designed to help reduce levels of stress, reduce the risk of depression, and increase your productivity, as well as your creativity.

There are two ways to incorporate this kind of design in your home. First, you have the direct method that uses natural light, water features, and houseplants. The indirect method uses images of nature, natural colours, and natural materials.

  • Lots of Curves

Steer clear away from boring and straight lines. You won’t want your home to look like a cold and indifferent clinical room. Curves are in, and you’d want to incorporate them into your home. Curves provide soft and playful features in your home. You can use curves in your sofas, coffee tables, and light fixtures, among many others, which can give your room movement and depth.

  • Japanese Minimalism

If you are looking for an uncluttered and simple look, you can try the Japanese concept of minimalism. Western designs have been slowly adapting to this concept of sparsity and simplicity, open spaces, and light-filled rooms. This style also uses natural materials such as wood, giving your room warmth.

This style also uses neutral colours, such as beige, ivory, white, and brown. When it comes to furniture and fixtures, it only focuses on the necessary and the essentials. This will ensure that you will have enough space and that your home will have an airy and open feel.

  • Bright and Eclectic Energy

The use of bright and vibrant colours can add to your energy and make your home feel bright and cheery. A fun and colourful interior, using bold patterns and combinations of colours, allows you to make a statement. It is perfect for a living room, kitchen, or home office. Just do not use it in your bedrooms where you will need to have a tranquil and relaxing mood.

The interiors of your home affect its comfort and atmosphere. It can help you feel more relaxed or more lively and energetic as needed. Of course, the way you will design your home’s interior will largely depend on your needs, tastes, and preferences.

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