Top 4 Best House and Fence Color Combinations

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Picking the right color combination for your home exteriors depends on the look that you are going for and for what purpose you are doing it. It is an exciting project for any homeowner, but you have to do it right.

Your exteriors are the first thing that will greet your guests and can make or break the appearance of your home. Choosing the appropriate palette to complete the look of your house exteriors means picking colors that suit your house’s architecture and the feeling you want to evoke. It is recommended that the overall look reflects your personality and preferences and gives a prelude of what’s in store inside.

Sand Walls and Teal Fence

No need to go to the beach when you have a house that simulates the colors of the ocean. This color combination is a favorite go-to of homeowners who want a relaxed, summerhouse feel. Adding a distressed effect on wooden areas such as doorposts and frames highlights your home’s beach house feel. Using teal or aquamarine hues on your fence adds a splash of color and echoes the overall nautical look that you’re going for.

Cream Walls and White Fence

This timeless look is perfect for homeowners who want a Scandinavian aesthetic to their house exteriors. White on white is always a good thing when you want to achieve effortless elegance. Simple and understated, painting your walls with a cream or off-white base and adding another layer of white on your fence shows your stylish and minimalist side. Add easy to grow shrubs on your front yard to soften the look and contrast of color.

Rust Walls and Black Fence


This fall-inspired colored combination is a classic. It is perfect for cozy houses with brick walls and large windows. For a modern take on rust, try Teaberry Blossom, a lovely maroon shade with a gray undertone. The effect is both vivid and elegant. When paired with black accents, it makes your home look solid, warm, and inviting. Balance out the warmth from the bricks with an aluminum fence painted with the same accent color and you will have your house evoking images of autumn in no time.

Gray Walls and Black Fence

This color combination is both elegant and easy on the eye. It is ideal for tall houses with stone cladding and front yards with steel fences. To prevent the cool exteriors from looking severe and uninviting, go for warmer gray tones. Because the tones are neutral and easy to blend with other colors, you cannot go wrong with this palette if sophistication is the look you want to achieve for your home.

With companies like Pantone churning out new colors and paint stores coming up with different swatches every season, you will most likely be able to find the right hues to use for your home. Choose the palette that you know will make you and your family happy to spend time there. Go with what you feel best suits your taste and complement with accent colors and personal touches as you see fit.

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